Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If I Could Vote...

I used to vote a long long time ago, in Malaysia.
I've been away a mighty long time.
Besides I can no longer vote.
Does that mean I cannot talk about the elections in Malaysia, although I know what's going on?

Now if I could vote on March 8, I will most certainly reject the Barisan Nasional.
I know that the Barisan Nasional cannot be ousted because its support is broad and mass-based.
But I'd want my vote to make a difference and I know that my vote counts.
So, I will reject the Barisan Nasional because I want to send a strong message to the government that I cannot and will not tolerate the abuses, arising from a very weak leadership.

I reject the Barisan Nasional because I abhor Khairy Jamaluddin's rise to power that smacks of abuse, conflict of interest and corruption.
I reject the incumbent coalition because of the way it treats Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
Oh...I am no fan of the good doc but I think the way Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's people go around maligning him is highly unacceptable.

Aah...if I could vote...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Power To the People!

What an interesting general election this will be.
You see, everybody is saying that the incumbent coalition will be badly thrashed this time.
But will it? Really?
Why do you say that it will be?
Is it because EVERYONE is unhappy with its performance?
Is EVERYONE so unhappy with the Prime Minister and his abdication of duty?
Does EVERYONE regard his holidaying abroad as holidaying abroad or WORKING HARD TO SELL THE COUNTRY?
(Pssst.... not sell off the country as some people believe. Well, not yet, anyway.)

You've gotta be realistic.
The coalition's heartland is rural Malaysia. Where does the heart and mind of rural folk lie?
Are they still believing the propaganda machine of the Information Ministry? hook, line and sinker?
You can laugh at the un-hip-ness of RTM and their outmoded strategy to influence the population.
In fact, no strategy at all. But it works on the rural mass.
Let me tell you that in the absence of any medium other than TV and radio, man...RTM sells!
Your fishermen and padi farmer do not have computers and do not even know what a blog is.
The internet is a powerful tool for politicians and these politicians can reach out to voters that way.
Bloggers can bitch about the coalition all they want but do they reach out to the majority of the people?

If voters read Rocky's Bru and believe what he says, then it's adieu to the coalition.

So, whatever your beliefs are, this is the time to put them in the ballot box.

Power to the people!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pervert of a (Malaysia Airlines) Pilot

I'm not flying MAS no more! My fears are not unfounded.

You know, Malaysia Airlines pilots could either be perverts, sex maniacs or druggies.

Part of this accusation is proven true -- one of their pilots was convicted in an Australian Court for having three video clips of child pornography in his laptop.
Can you beat that, folks?
No excuse, I tell you. No excuse. And no mercy for this pervert.

Been reading the websites and blogs, and I do agree that the Malaysian authorities should follow-up this pilot's case. If the police are still investigating little Sharlinie's disappearance, then, it is a no-brainer that they should check out his story.

By the way, the pervert's name is Ahmad Said. He's 25, married and has two children.
There should be a restraining order to keep him away from his kids.

Also stories of pilots piloting aircrafts while high on drugs, abound. That's enough to make me quit flying MAS.

But why aren't the management and the head honcho doing anything?
They do not care or they do not care?
Like --let MAS take a swift decline, huh?
What? Is this some sinister conspiracy to kill MAS?

These are not the work of unseen hands. Whose hands they belong to are obvious.

So, why isn't anyone saving MAS?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Not Universiti Malaya!

I am so sad for Malaysia because greedy people walk the corridors of power.
I know how attractive in real estate terms the land on which the University of Malaya campus stands.
What a goldmine!
Developers would grab it given the chance, the opportunity.
And now, they've got the chance.
Under the present regime, nothing is sacred.
Indeed, not any inch on which UM stands.

People are making a killing.
The re-development of any part of that land ain't benefiting the rakyat, that's for sure!

It seems a greedy asshole by the name of Annuar Zaini who happens to be the Prime Minister's crony who writes most of his speeches and who also happens to be on the university's council has given 27 acres of UM's land to a private developer.
It is a kind of trade-off. In return the university gets 5 acres of the land and a RM3 million club house.

(I got this information from Rocky's Bru who got it from a pro-Umno blogger Big Dog.)

Yeah....everyone has a price....

Thursday, February 7, 2008

If Things Were Different...

Let's get real. Under a different election system, the likes of Abdullah Badawi and his son-in-law Khairy will not make it anywhere near the national level.
They'd be rejected BIG time way before the buzz starts.
For as long as Malaysia practices the present system of electing its state and parliamentary representatives, people like Abdullah and other unbelievably horrid representatives of the people will continue to "serve".
Corrupt leaders will continue to get the votes of their needy and grateful constituents.
I'm sorry, Malaysia.
It's up to you to change things...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Obama or Clinton?

I don't ask myself -- do I want a black or a woman as President?
What I ask is -- do I want someone who can really bring change to the country.
Barrack Obama is eloquent in his speech. But is he as good a doer as he is a talker?
I don't know.
Hilary Clinton is no mega-oratorical star.
But I hear you get to listen to her in her element in small groups. That's when she offers you brilliant ideas and assessments.

We'll see.
That day will come when we all have to decide who we want based on our perception of the candidates.
Hell. I don't know them from Adam. Or Eve.