Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

D'Ya Want Me.... and Ma Kids?

Just met Pete, a hunk of a guy who is madly in love with my good friend, Lisa.
He is single, rugged and real cool.
Lisa is single but has a son, Adam.
I like Pete because he has no qualms about getting into a relationship with Lisa.

I wonder how many Malaysian men out there would be okay with this. With having a serious relationship with a single mom.
I asked Bob, a Malaysian, whether he'd fall for his wife, the way he did, if she had a child.
"Nope. No way," he remarked.

Why ever not? We're talking about Bonnie, the love of your life, for God's sake!

"Yeah.... but if she had a kid, no way."

What about just going out with her?


What! Go out and sleep with her and that's it?

You mean guys would go out with single mothers, bed them and then ciao, baby?

I asked Pete.

He loves Lisa. With or without a kid or many kids.

"Why are you asking, Eva?"

"Dunno, Pete. Stupid question, ain't it?"

Yeah. Stupid question.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I had a good mind to ignore the tag set on me by Ms Nuraina Samad.
Is this tagging a Malaysian blog preoccupation or what? I've seen it in predominantly Malaysian blogs.
And it sure seems like a chain letter. Ooh. I hate chain letters. Always curse the person who sends me one.
I know I can throw it away. But what if.....??

But I reckon Ms NS must like me for tagging me!

I'm supposed to tell you what I keep in my handbag, purse and favourite room and what I'd like to do most and what I am currently doing.
Really! Why does anyone want to know? I thought it's something a cranky shrink wants to know just to find out what kind of weird person you are.

5 things in my handbag/bag

my purse
my cellphone
my lipstick
car and apartment keys

5 things in my purse :

driver's licence
bank ATM/supermarket/credit cards
a piece of paper listing important numbers (just in case)

5 favourite things in my favourite room (my bedroom):

my gorgeous big bed
dressing table
study table
old/ancient persian rug

5 things I would like/love to do :

learn dress-making/tailoring
design clothes
drive a Formula One
ride a Harley across America
get that perfect man

5 things I'm currently doing :

re-reading Hemingway
learning to cook
planning to re-arrange furniture in my living room
planning to watch a good movie
planning to go fishing

That's it?

Friday, September 7, 2007

What Price Red Hot Passion

I thought the South Americans were more understanding of lust and passion, even among married people. Adulterers.
Of course, they are also understanding of the equally passsionate revenge exacted by the bruised party on his or her philandering spouse.
But that's very Latin.

Times they are a-changing. Adulterers' days are numbered. Hahaha, My blog-sister, the Witch, loves this kind of stories, I am sure.
Sorry, Witch, but your Antonio is one philandering lover. You just can't see it. Sorry, I am digressing here.

According to Reuters, in Bogota, married Colombians who are screwing around will be punished.
They will either be fined or be made to do community work. Woohoo!!

But moi? I think they ought to be whipped!
I am all for lurrve and passion and great sex. If you happen to be married, well, I aint gonna lay the moral line on ya.
You know what you're doing. It is wrong but it's your life.

As a matter of principle (heck I do have one, eh?) I don't do married men. Just don't. But I won't judge you if you are an adulterer and happen to be my friend.

Just that if you get caught, you oughta be whipped!
That will teach you for shagging someone's spouse! And for getting caught!

The good Colombian senator Edgar Espindola said he made the proposal "in an effort to protect family values and shield children from broken homes".

"I believe a lot of my companions are going to support this initiative," Espindola said on Tuesday. "This project should motivate Colombians to reflect on the importance of
of the marriage, the home and the importance of family."

Well, I'll drink to that!
Such noble intentions. Such a noble effort.

Now, if I were a local authority in Colombia, I'd start listing the work needed to be done. I bet there'd be more than enough convicted adulterers to do the job.

Read here for the story.