Monday, May 17, 2010

Arab-American Babe is Miss USA 2010

Rima Fakih is a hot babe. She is 24, from Dearborn, Michigan, Muslim and is the new Miss USA who will represent this land of milk and honey in the Miss Unverse pageant.

This dark-haired beauty, I reckon, just broke that glass ceiling, as it were. I sure don't recall any Arab-American or/and a Muslim ever being chosen Miss USA.

And the Donald (Trump) might have been the one to have made it possible for Rima!

You wanna know more...just click HERE!

Just waiting for any brickbats and negative feedback from sore, oka ok...ugly Americans over Rima's win!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lena Horne : 1917 -2010

The day Lena Horne died, President Barack Obama twitted: "Saddened to hear about the passing of Lena Horne, a great enetrtainer and a tireless worker for justice and equality."

That said it all.

"Lena Horne, the enchanting jazz singer and actress who reviled the bigotry that allowed her to entertain white audiences but not socialize with them, slowing her rise to Broadway superstardom, died Sunday (May 9). She was 92. (The Associated Press)

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Greek Story -- And What You Must NOT do.

You must not have too much free lunch because, someONE has to pay for those free lunches.

Here's from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Greece's problems with money shouldn't seem so foreign.

Anyone with a checking account knows you can't buy more than you spend -- at least not indefinitely, anyway.

"People like to pretend budget deficits and entitlement programs are so complicated and hard to understand," said Craig Thomas, senior economist at PNC Financial Services Group in Pittsburgh. "They really aren't. You have income coming in and spending going out. ...

"Greece shows it's not more complicated than this."

Despite promises of a $146.5 billion bailout from the International Monetary Fund and other countries that use the euro, Greece's deep debts threaten to take down the European Union -- and perhaps jump across the Atlantic.

Rioting by Greeks upset over proposed cuts in wages and public benefits left three people dead last week.

Indirectly, the European crisis caused jitters on Wall Street, adding to a dramatic decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Thursday and instability through week's end. The Dow on Friday ended down 139.89, to close the week at 10,380.43.

The message about Greece's carefree spending translates around the world, economists said.

If countries want to provide great social services, that's fine -- but they need to pay for them.

"What is happening in Greece is expected," said Dan Donchev, a private economic analyst in Tetovo, Macedonia, which shares a border with Greece. "Obviously, the time has come when our southern neighbor should pay for its free lunch."