Monday, August 27, 2007

Blogs To Their Rescue...

Here's what I found in AFP.
Sheesh...wonders never cease!

In Seoul, Korea, schoolchildren are getting smart. They can't do their homework, they find someone -- well, where else but the Internet -- to do it. For a fee, of course.

Here's the story:

A portal lists more than 500 websites devoted to homework with fees to pupils ranging from 8,000-10,000 won (eight dollars 50 cents to 11 dollars), The Korea Times said. "I need to write three English diaries by the end of the week," a 12-year said in a message posted on one site.
"I don't really want to write them. Who can write for me and how much do I have to pay?"
There are also websites offering already-completed homework, with individual material downloadable for 500 won, the paper said. Others offer children a chance to share projects. Experts worry that such sites could send students the wrong message, that they can buy whatever they want, the paper said.

Oh. This is not good!
Wonder if their parents and teachers are aware of this?

Or have the kids outsmarted them?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Menopausal Mates

I know this is a touchy issue. But it is a real issue affecting some of my best friends.
Okay, here's what I want to tell them -- menopause is not the death knell on your sex life, girls.
Ask the Red Hot Mamas. They rock and I'll bet are still having sex like there's no tomorrow. At least that's what I am thinking. Maybe even wild sex too.
Many women avoid having sex because menopause causes some physical changes to their , you know, the wonderful V-thing.
It's such a put-off that some women just prefer -- shopping. Shopping? Shopping? Hell, why?
Girls, girls... now now.. don't be doing that. Shopping can't be better than sex.
You see, guys. Now you see the problem your gals are having? It is a real problem. It's not that they don't want you in bed with them. They do. Lord in Heaven, they do! But, sex has got to be so, er....uncomfortable, a little less enjoyable that Barney's, Lyell...heck! even Macy's and Bloomingdales are tempting.
So, guys. Please understand your women. The grey-haired one. And you too. Stop pretending that your woman's a hot 20-something babe.

Read this article. Maybe your menopausal mate won't be facing her bed-time blues alone.
Now, don't go finding no excuse to get laid elsewhere, y'hear, guys...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Power Point

Yeah! The people are poor. The country is poor. I'll bet these sort of leaders have got luxury airplanes, Rolls and live in palaces.
And their kids are in exclusive boarding schools abroad.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Pencil In Her Head!

You wouldn't believe this. Read it. The next time you have another bad recurring headache, think! Did something -- anything -- pierce through your head when you were a child?

Read the Reuters story:

BERLIN : A 59-year-old German woman has had most of a pencil removed from inside her head after suffering nearly her whole life with the headaches and nosebleeds it caused, Bild newspaper reported Monday.
Margret Wegner fell over carrying the pencil in her hand when she was four.
"The pencil went right through my skin -- and disappeared into my head," Wegner told the newspaper.
It narrowly missed vital parts of her brain. At the time no one dared operate, but now technology has improved sufficiently for doctors to be able to remove it.
Most of the pencil, some three inches long, was taken out in an operation at a private Berlin clinic, but the tip had grown in so firmly that it was impossible to remove.

Monday, August 6, 2007

My Malaysia!

For a 50 year-old, she is still struggling to know herself.
Poor lady.
I wish her well as she approaches her half-century.
Malaysia is not owned exclusively by anyone. But those who have the power to own a vital part of her are sure messing her up.
I hate that.
I am glad that my memories of Malaysia are wonderful.
But hell, I remember politicians messing up the many great things that Malaysia held for me.
I thought history has taught us never to repeat our mistakes.
Looks like little has changed.
Politicians are still at it.
I see they are now blaming bloggers -- the latest bogeyman.
Failed leaders looking for people to blame for their own screw-ups.
And blaming big-time.
So. nothing has changed.
Politicians will never blame themselves for the mess they have made.

This time, we're gonna blame them. Squarely.

So, Happy 50th birthday, darling!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's All About Lust, Baby!

Hah! I could've told them the answer!
I can't believe researchers in Washington had to interview 237 respondents just to find out WHY people have sex.
I could have told them the answer. Jesus Lord in Heaven!
Yeah, baby, yeah. It is LUST. Ja, Oui, Da, Si, Yes! Yeah! Yep! Uh-uh!
Listen to this. And I quote:
After exhaustively compiling a list of the 237 reasons why people have sex, researchers found that young men and women get intimate for mostly the same motivations.
It's more about lust in the body than a love connection in the heart.

College-aged men and women agree on their top reasons for having sex — they were attracted to the person, they wanted to experience physical pleasure and "it feels good," according to a peer-reviewed study in the August edition of Archives of Sexual Behavior. Twenty of the top 25 reasons given for having sex were the same for men and women.

So, people. Forget the gender stereotypes ... that men only want sex for the physical pleasure and women want love.
Remember the idea that men are from Mars and women from Venus? Perish that!
Haha -- "the more we look, the more we find similarity" -- couldn't be closer to the truth.
You and I are the same, buddy.
We both lust for each other's body. And yeah, yeah, we can love when we want to.

Deal with it, babe!