Thursday, November 29, 2007

How To Be A Celebrity....

And if you're a prostitute (or sex worker), then all you have to do is just auction sex for charity.
That's what Chilean prostitute Maria Carolina (picture above) did. And she got a lot of pledges. All proceeds go to charity, including helping underprivileged children.

Adult prostitution, by the way, is legal in Chile. So, Maria is really putting to charitable use her skills.

Good for her, I say. And the underprivileged of Chile.

Here's the story.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh....The Autumn Years of Pure Lust..

"It's not love, obviously. I didn't come here looking for a husband. It's a social arrangement. I buy him a nice shirt and we go out for dinner. For as long as he stays with me he doesn't pay for anything, and I get what I want -- a good time. How is that different from a man buying a young girl dinner?" -- Englishwoman Bethan, 56, in Kenya for a lot of lust and holiday romance.

Read the story here.

Of course, this is not a new story. I have read it in the tabloids. Wait! I know of some golden gals doing it. Kenya aint the only place. There is also the Mediterranean. Check out Greece and Turkey.

Hunks and beach boys. Yummy. No...I aint no golden gal yet.

Anyway, what do you think?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Bravo, TELL!

Tembam alerted me about this magazine, TELL. I can actually hear her telling me excitedly about the magazine. I can even hear her gasping and grunting and all out of breath.
I went to Rocky's Bru and here.
But....Waddya know, TELL is in so many blogs.
Nuraina has it too.
More importantly, NURIN Alert is in TELL.

I have never read TELL. At least not the Malaysian magazine. Now, did that stop anyone from going to space?

So... all I can say is -- Way to go, guys! Bravo, bravo, bravo.
I can feel that NURIN Alert is going somewhere.

(Picture of Tell cover courtesy Rocky's Bru).

Friday, November 9, 2007

Ooh! Derriere!

Here you go! Feast your eyes, guys, and gals..

By the way, this pair of great firm cheeks belong to Kristina Dimitrova of Bulgaria who was winner of the 2007 World Backside Championships in Munich.
The winner in the men's section is a Romanian.
Looks like they have the world's best-looking bottoms. The backside beauty contest was sponsored by a lingerie firm. be young with firm butt..

Hey, you! Stop drooling....