Thursday, January 24, 2008

Send a (Strong) Message

Now, that's what I'd do when I throw in that little piece of very valuable paper into that very valuable little box!

And the message is that I want a better Malaysia!

People, I don't know how to make this any simpler -- the Prime Minister needs to be humbled. His son-in-law needs to be humbled. The current administration needs to be humbled.
You think I'm talking rubbish. I am not. I talk to many people. Real people. Malaysians. Unhappy Malaysians.
The stories they tell are not fables. They are real.
The PM doesn't run the county, does he?
And the son-in-law has made nepotism such a vile word that you wish it does not exist.
Besides, I'd be embarrassed to have a Prime Minister like that. I don't have to go into details, do I?
You all know.
People, make up your mind! Do you want progress or are you fine with third-world running of the country!
Ok...the ruling Barisan Nasional cannot lose, that's for sure. Kepala Batas will remain the PM's fort(ress).
But, send a message, will you -- that you will not be bullied into accepting this kind of shit from them. Don't help the son-in-law build a dynasty. You'll regret it, people.
Listen. Your vote counts!

Happy Voting!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

You Know You're Getting Dumped when....

1. Your partner seems to always pick a fight, an argument over realy petty, sometimes silly issues. He/she thinks there's nothing to it but you feel there's something more....sinister, maybe?

2. Your partner forgets to call. It's just not like him/her. He/she's the one who calls you endlessly with all that mushy "I love you". Something's really amiss when you were on his/her speed dial but now....his/her line is always busy.

3. He/she starts making adjustments to his appearance, like chopping his/her hair, or colouring it. Major cosmetic change has been known to be one sure sign that your partner's trying to impress someone. And, sorry, honey, it ain't you.

4. Your partner starts finding fault in almost everything you do. You know, criticising you over little things -- the way you brush your teeth, you do your hair, your jokes..whatever. He/she just does not find you attractive no more. Constant criticisms are a tell-tale sign that your lovey-dovey days as a couple are numbered.

5. Your partner just does not feel like makin' sweet love to ya. If you're the gal getting that "I've got a headache" treatment, let me tell you that your bed partner's lying through and through. Honey, men are naturally horny. They need sex and more sex. Hell, if they can have it right here right now, they would. So, if he seems to just be having a headache for weeks on end and not lovin' you and your body for that length of time, something's amiss. Honey, get the hell out of that relationship. He's screwing someone else for sure. Or his damn dick's sick.

Let it be known that I didn't say all this. A love expert by the name of Elina Furman did.
And you know what? I believe her. These are the top 5 signs that you are getting the boot.
No matter who's the one getting the "adios" or "it was good while it lasted" message -- the guy or the gal.
It's still painful. It will ache.
If you're the poor bruised gal, just know when your partner's been humping someone else's sweet honey so you can dump him first before he starts that "we need to talk" bit.
And if you're the poor soul of a guy, you have a choice of just packing your things or, clobber that other man!

Parting is such sweet sorrow, I tell ya!

Friday, January 11, 2008

It Could Have Been Incest....

Or it was?
Before it was prolonged, it was ended. It had to. A judge made sure of that. What a sad story. It's a story of two people who should not have fallen in love because they were brother and sister. They were twins!

Twins separated at birth and adopted by separate parents later married each other without realising they were brother and sister.
The pair were granted an annulment after a High Court judge ruled the marriage had never validly existed.
The identities of the British pair and details of the relationship and marriage have been kept secret.
But it is known that they were separated soon after birth.
They were never told they were twins.
They did not discover they were blood relatives until after the wedding.
The case was uncovered by Lord Alton in a conversation with a High Court judge.
He used it to highlight perceived deficiencies in the Human Embryology and Tissues Bill, currently going through Parliament.

I can't begin to imagine how that happened. There's a moral in that story, I know.
But isn't it just so tragic?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I Want a Happy-er New Year!

Okay. 2007 was great, for me, personally. I'm gonna make sure 2008 will be better!
For the world, 2007 was dotted with natural and man-made disasters and catastrophes.
And wham! Benazir Bhutto made the finale. Tragic. I'm no fan of hers. But, I shed tears. I can tell you that she is one brave woman. Or careless.

I am a mere mortal. And I am not religious. But, I'd pray anyway. For peace on earth!

Have a happy new year! A lot of "ong", eh, in the number 2008?