Thursday, March 27, 2008

You're Not Cutting It, Sir!

I'm just going to shoot my mouth off here. I'm no politician but from where I am, I see that Old Man Dollah was really screwing up the Terengganu MB deal big time.

Let me recap: After the elections and Barisan Nasional i.e Umno won Terengganu, Old Man Dollah's choice was, naturally Idris Jusoh. But the Sultan had other ideas and appoined Ahmad Said instead.

The old man was adamant. So was the Sultan, and, hey, he is THE King.

Old Man Dollah said the Sultan's appointment was unconstutional. Meanwhile those asslickers and apple polishers did what they're good at -- protest, threaten to boycott the swearing-in and blah blah blah...

And the Sultan was adamant and sent out a letter of appointment to the man of his choice.

And in the sidelines -- drama here and there.

And suddenly, the voice of reason -- "go seek an audience with the Sultan". I think that was from Muhyiddin Yassin.

Now, couldn't old man Dollah have thought about that? Or if he was so incapabale of thinking, couldn't someone from that smart-ass pool of plundering advisers of his tell him? For crying out loud!

Yes, the King and him met. And slap, slap, slap. Old man Dollah had to concede. Eat very humble pie, pudding or budu.

What were you thinking, Dollah? You were going to thrash it all with the Sultan out from your position -- a position of WEAKNESS?

You know what all this had done to the PM?

It has confirmed many people's belief that he is not fit for the job! I shudder just thinking that the office of the Prime Minister is being run by a group of eager young punks!

Sir...don't do this to yourself. You're just not cutting it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crisis in Turtle Land...

I know I'm behind time...

Terengganu is no longer turtle country. Heck...are there anymore turtles there?

Terengganu has gone all elitist -- The Crystal Mosque, The Monsoon Cup, The Heritage Bay --- all for the dear dear rakyat.


Is that why they're having that little crisis in Terengganu?

Which part of "the people know what's going on" that Old Man Dollah and his cronies don't understand?

Suddenly Dollah feels emboldened that he has sent a strong message to Tuanku Mizan not to mess with him, the PM.

And then, the crap is too much and he's shitting bricks, huh?

Dollah, Mr Patrick Lim and Khairy -- here's my message to you -- YOU CAN FOOL SOME PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME BUT NOT EVERYONE ALL THE TIME.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Rafidah For President!

Go, lady, go!
Challenge old man Dollah for the presidency!

It ain't right what old man Dollah did, dropping you the way he did.

Why? Because Rafidah Aziz is AP Queen?
I think despite the spectre of the AP hovering on her head, she is still Malaysia's BEST trade negotiator.

She was a good International Trade and Industry Minister. The best. And that's saying it mildly.

Rafidah was tough and damn good, I tell ya.
I have watched her perform and she can give any foreign trade delegation a good run for their money.

Man, she's got balls. Heck, the only one in Dr Mahathir's Cabinet and Old Man Dollah's.....

And isn't she the Wanita Umno chief? She did win the Kuala Kangsar parliamentary seat, didn't she?

Dollah, was that really your decision or did someone tell you that she's gonna fuck up the FTA deal?

Muhyiddin Yassin is a pushover, man. The Americans will eat him alive.

Rafidah --- go for the presidency!

Challenge Dollah!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A New Malaysia --- Almost

These are interesting times -- not to say challenging -- in the US. We have an African-American- Woman Democrat tag team for the White House.
What mor can we ask for?

Yes...a long time coming.

If it's not because of my preoccupation with the Malaysian political development, I'd be faithfully blogging about the Obama-Clinton saga.

So, five states now in the hands of a new government (of the opposition).
I hear that in Selangor, the opposition were more shocked by their unprecedented victory more than anyone else.

No brainer, really. Hiccups all the way. But that's what changes are all about.

Strapping new Malaysia.....nearly there.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


You de BEST!
Hail, y'all for daring to make that change.

Here's to a new dawn, a new hope and a NEW MALAYSIA!


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fast And Furious

I have been going through the Malaysian news websites and can't believe the things I read.
With just about a week to polling day, I see the caretaker government has made tons of announcements about dishing out the goodies and promising more.

Damn! the gall of it all!
And fast and furious doing that too!

People, that's your money they're promising to give away!

And I see that local diva Siti Nur Haliza has been dragged into politics.

I read about her urging voters to make the best decision based on what the government has given so that "we can live comfortably and peacefully".
She asked them to think about what is best for them and the future generations (of Malaysians).

I believe she was speaking in Gemas (somewhere in Negeri Sembilan) at a campaign of one of the candidates.

Apparently, her husband, the very randy businessman Khalid Jiwa is a personal friend of Shaziman Abu Mansor, who was until the dissolution of parliament, the Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister.
He is defending his Tampin seat.

And isn't Shaziman a relative of Khairy Jamaluddin?

Enough said!

And oh...not being mean, personal or judgmental here. But wasn't Siti THE cause of Khalid leaving his wife and kids?