Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's Okay If You Don't Believe Anything....

Trust me!
No one can blame you if you do not and cannot believe any of these jokers --f rom Najib, Rosmah, Raja Petra, Balasubramaniam, Saiful or Anwar.

None of them are telling the whole truth. Yet, I do believe that none of them are lying hole -- whoops, I mean, wholesale!

The crux is that it is all about politics!

So, have a great year figuring out who's really what!

And, it's okay.....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Najib Vs Anwar/ Anwar Vs Najib/Najib Vs Anwar

It was just as well that I had been really really busy with work.
But I managed to keep up with news in good ole Malaysia. I think I must have gone brain-dead for some time after following the news emanating from the Altantuya murder case. Developments have been mind-boggling to say the least.

That's why this posting took a while to be written.

This is politics ala Malaysia. Tru-blu Malaysian politics. Unadulterated Malaysian politics. So dirty that you cannot see through anything.

This is all about Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's burning desire to be Prime Minister of Malaysia and Datuk Seri Najib Razak is Goddam in the blinking way. For what else can it be?

Why hasn't DSAI criticized AAB? Don't you wonder why ever not?

After all, everything relating to this is so nebulous that you are kept wondering and wondering..

I will not apologize for saying this. I am not a supporter of DSAI nor am I of DSNR. Nor am I against either of them.

This whole Goddam thing stinks to high heaven.

From the start of the Altantuya murder, it became so obvious that DSAI's lackeys have been trying their utmost to implicate DSNR and his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

It is also so obvious that Raja Petra Kamaruddin (Malaysia Today) is DSAI's chief lackey. His statutory declaration is incriminating but, really --"I was reliably told blah blah blah...." This maybe evidence to some people but not to me. You must be joking.

Raja Petra wants justice but why has he not cooperated with the police Oh...I forget, the police suck. So, what option is there? Go on attacking and attacking? As though that will help!

Then came the sodomy accusation by one Saiful Bukhari against DSAI. The work of DSNR? You think? Maybe. Maybe not.

I cannot possibly believe that DSAI sodomized the boy. This could be true. But this is POLITICS. Nothing is so true. But not everything is a lie. The only thing is you're just not able to tell what's fact and what's fiction. Everything seems to be blurred and connected to produce this horrible unfolding drama.

Before you could digest this turn of events, an idiot called Balasubramaniam Perumal (a former police officer-turned-private eye who was hired by one of the accused, Razak Baginda) announced HIS statutory declaration, saying that DSNR knew the murdered Mongolian model and had in fact had anal sex with her.


Then, just like an orchestrated sequence, the Military Intelligence chief gave a press conference to say that there was no truth to Raja Petra's claim (in his statutory declaration) that there was a file on Altantuya's murder case that was purportedly submitted to AAB. The MI chief also said DSAI's claim that his life was in danger was unfounded.

As though this is not enough to whet you appetite, Balasubramaniam called for another press conference to withdraw his first statutory declaration.

And now Mr Bala has disappeared with his family.

Ok, all this is stale news to you. Maybe I have finally come around to taking a good hard look at the development.

Poor Rocky's Bru. He decided to just stay away from blogging the dirt...and yes it's all dirt.... and he got assailed, attacked .....

Poor Marina. Some bitch called, Helen Ang decided to pulverise her when she decided to "go on strike".

It's people like Helen who cannot accept any difference in opinion. It is people like her who are prejudiced.

So what if Rocky decides to take a hiatus. So what if Marina decides enough is enough!

Look...what's the point of making allegations in your statutory declaration if you are not cooperating with the police and not supporting your claims.

If you don't trust the police, then why make the statutory declaration in the first place.

Is it to see justice prevail and justice served? Or to serve someone's political agenda?

Frankly, what was Raja Petra's intention?

And Balasubramaniam's? Where the fuck is he?

As for me, it is a lurid and sordid fight for the number one post in the country. I do see invisible hands at work and at play here. But that would be just my suspicion. So I'd not want to say anything anymore.

Altantuya is dead. And all these pawns and players sure ain't helping in her case.

And I am glad I'm faraway from the madding crowd!