Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's Not a Joke. Donald is President

This is just so sad for me and for so many Americans. I don't know about the rest of the world, but America is in pain.

We have a ribald jackass for President.

Can it get any worse.

Has democracy failed us?

Or that there are soooo many racists, illiterates and white supremacists in the US that we really never knew about.

Let's get this straight out, Americans -- if you want a saint for President - that ain't happening. Not in this here country nor anywhere else.

Everyone's got their skeletons -- even the creme de la creme. So get real. There ain't no saint nor angel. Comprendo?

So -- here we have two candidates. It should be so easy. One's a serial everything bad and the other ... war-monger whatever.
Devils, right?

Ain't so hard. We've been following them, right?

I' pick the better devil -- Hillary. Ok.

Not Trump. Not the Donald who's going to make every white American racists an entitlement , an empowerment to whack the shit out of everyone else who don't fit the bill of white America.

So.. God have mercy on us.

President Donald Trump,

This ain't funny.

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