Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Here's Another Way of Looking at the Anwar Sex Video...

Hell, yeah. When you stop being emotional, just step back and look at things objectively, and you begin to see things in perspective.

You can still love him if he is actually that guy with the China Doll, it's up to you...

Just read the red Saga's take on the issue "You Are Found Wanting":


Anonymous said...

But this is not the issue
the man in the video is not anwar!

eva's haven said...

anon,5.14am: you know that for a fact? I don't.

hobbit1964 said...

Good Lord, NOBODY is as saintly as they advertise themselves to be.
We are at this juncture, not on the premise of choosing saints over sinners.
We just need to exercise a choice.
It is that very liberty that is being violated at every cardinal point we may look.
And in the ultimate end, in this country's politics, we are all fishing in the same murky pond. The idea of an angel in white is hilarious.
The best we can hope for is to re-hire and retrain, and with some luck, maybe this show will finally get on the road.

eva's haven said...

hobbit: you are right. we are not, at this juncture, on the premise of choosing saints over sinners.
i mean, in politics it is who is the saint among the sinners or who is less of a sinner in a sea of sinners.

and the murky waters in the malaysian pond -- well, let me tell ya, honey, the waters of politics in other ponds are the same -- murky.

that is politics. Anwar is a maestro politician. I've learnt that he is, after following his guiles and his ways...

we are not judging him. but if he were to be the PM, it matters that he is not that man in the video.

Malaysians are not looking for an angel. heck no.

but surely he must not be a man that visits prostitutes, supports human trafficking etc etc..