Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Go Nurin Alert!

I am thoroughly impressed with what a band of bloggers are doing in spearheading Nurin Alert, inspired undoubtedly by AMBER Alert in the United States.
Their move had arisen from the abduction and brutal murder last month of 8 year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.
I am with them.
Eleven years ago, 8 year-old Amber Hagerman was abducted while she was cycling near her grandparents' home in Arlington, Texas.
She was found brutally murdered 4 days later.
AMBER Alert came out of the entire community's anger at what had happened. They pressured the local broadcasting station to help them. They got the police.
They got everyone to help under this plan.
With AMBER Alert, the police, the community, the local broadcasting station and the private sector work hand-in-hand to save a missing child.
Time is crucial so the entire community helps in the search for the child.

Time was what was wasted in Nurin Jazlin's case.
Poor child.
I wept knowing that it was her little lifeless body that was stuffed in the sports bag.

Congratulations to Rocky, Nuraina Samad, Jasni Jalil (Nurin's uncle), Tembam and Nik Farez for wanting to make a difference.

Nurin Alert -- now, this is something nobody should say "no" to.



Dear Eva,
thank you for posting this. Having managed to push the idea for Nurin Alert has been the most gratifying thing for me since I began blogging. I am sure it is too for Tembam who had been posting articles after articles relentlessly and furiously on the need to have Nurin Alert modelled after Amber Alert, and other related issues.
I believe that when we have good, sincere intentions to carry out a deed, combined with commitment, passsion and zeal...well, nobody can stop us.
of course, we don't know what lies ahead.
as rocky had hinted, some people may just hijack it from us. but well, if they can make it happen for the people it is intended to help, then....let it be!
thanks again.

eva's haven said...

I am humbled, nuraina, by this effort. Congratulations, I must say.
Keep it up!
Malaysia await you guys!

Tembam said...

Hi Eva, I have added your blog to the Bloggers for Nurin Alert honour roll. Thanks for your support. I hope more enlightened bloggers will join us. Blog on sistah! Cheers!

eva's haven said...

i am so honoured and so undeserving of being blogrolled by you.
thank you.

you guys really rock!

Go the distance, sistah!

shar101 said...

There's got to be a parallel emphasis for Nurin Alert to be effective i.e. social awareness within civil society itself.

The best APB system available may not be useful if public apathy is entrenched.

Still, we need to start somewhere.

Just that it's infuriating to me for it to begin now that a young life has been abruptly taken.

eva's haven said...

now, don't sound so morose, sweetie.
listen.your minister sharizat is gettting the education bit started soon enough, if your sleepy and dozey Prime Minister and his Cabinet agree and give the thumbs-up.
educating the mind and promoting a chnage in habit aint easy.
Nurin Alert has got to start, with or without that change in mindset.
Nurin Alert has got to start somewhere some time.
I'm glad for Malaysians that there is a group who is doing it.
A young life had to be abruptly taken for it to happen.
Here, in the US, a little girl died for it to happen.
So, I laud the move to activate Nurin Alert.
It is a brave thing to do.

So, sweets, chin up. and think of me and my Harley takin' you for a nice long ride....

MaryKate said...

Hi there
Let's support NURIN ALERT.

The only prevention for children kidnapping is PREVENTION itself.

We all need to stand united to get NurinAlert moving and so glad that there are go many good people out there,esp tembam has an extensive search on missing children.

Justice for Nurin
Find missing children fast and alive
Support Nurin Alert!!

eva's haven said...

Hi there, MaryKate,

I see your blog is dedicated to Nurin Alert.
This is the only good thing that came out of Nurin's tragedy. I have seen the outpouring of emotions following the discovery of her body.
This is a good thing to do. of course, malaysian society needs to be educated.
this is not going to be easy, i assure you.
so, you have to start now.
I support Nurin Alert, of course!

ahiruDin aTTan said...

Hi Eva,

Some of us met this afternoon and we'll meet again on Nov 10, where we hope to involve representatives from the police, the media houses, telcos, NGOs, and the government.

So far we have Kamal Efendi Hashim from the Crime Prevention Foundation to be with the initiative. He's got loads of experience in this department and a commitment that will scare off any potential detractor.

Us bloggers, of course, will not be deterred. We'll make Nurin Alert happens.

And Shar your honeybunch is very keen to be involved in this initiative, actually. He's been pestering me questions and has proposed quite a few useful things.

eva's haven said...

Hi Rocky,

How wonderful that this is an initiative of bloggers!
Should shut up some loud-mouthed anti-bloggers turkey for a bit.
WEll, what can I say but, Bon Chance!
May the force be with ya!

shar101 said...

My dear Eva, my Peaches,

You do say the sweetest things. And I'd love to go riding...but..ahem, can I firstly take off the codpiece coz it's starting to..uhhh.. ride up and pinch quite a bit.

And dang! I thought the All-Blog prez wasn't listening.

Btw have you noticed that police investigations into the post mortem pics has petered off somewhat. In fact, Nurin's dad should pester the cops on this issue coz the photos had to originate from either the cops themselves and/or the staff at the morgue. We have a predator still on the loose and government-paid degenerates to boot.

eva's haven said...

Shar honeybunch,

oooh...keep the cods on, hons. let it pinch, l e t i t p i n c h.. ooh aah.

careful, luvvie. Your prez's a very sharp guy and he's got his antennae really up. he picks up things so fast.
how is he, hons? is he really tall?
he sings with you at the press club, huh?

on a very serious note. those guys who violated Nurin are still out there. and they will not stop.
why haven't the police caught them?
Man, your police chief has got some answering to do! And he probably doesn;t have the answers!

you know that you can sue the police for their poor investigative work and inaction with regards to Nurin's case..

here's hoping your days and nights are good!

ooh....my harley's really cool!

Tembam said...

Hi Eva, I'm sure you know already about TELL magazine issue on the NURIN Alert. Thought I'd tell you anyway. Blog about so everyone will know too.


eva's haven said...

hey tembam,

thank you for telling me about TELL.
way to go!